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Decor Crush And Future Plans

Hanna Kovanen


Weekend Inspiration

Some decor inspiration to spice up the weekend - I am obsessed with the colour palette and elegant furniture. Love at first sight, no? I also want to give you an insight into my post-university life because the one thing that has kept me motivated and excited during these last few months is the future.

Naturally many people have been curious about what I'm going to do next, but what has quietly stunned me is the realisation that almost everyone was expecting to see me do a Masters degree. Actually, that has never been my dream (or a plan if you like) so it is not happening. By going to university in the first place I probably gave a wee bit wrong impression and only a handful of people have understood the real reasoning.  

Anyhow, I've consciously wanted to leave as many doors open as possible, but I will spend the summer in Helsinki and travel whenever possible before (most likely) setting off again. Life is quite open and exciting right now, but I also want start making sure that I would get similar decor one day (now we are talking!).

Image via Pinterest