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Vacation In Amsterdam

Hanna Kovanen


I want to share a few places which I fell for one reason or another while I was in Amsterdam over the Easter weekend, so here we go:

BUFFET VAN ODETTE: The perfect spot for coffee and afternoon hangs - it has a beautiful, slightly understated decor and a local vibe. 


DE PJIP: One of my favourite areas in Amsterdam -  it is filled with several interesting concept stores, and it seems to be one of the local spots for a night out. It surely is a worthwhile destination for day or nighttime exploration.  

BAZAR: Delicious food for a good value, but the place gets busy so I recommend booking in advance.

GLOU GLOU: An infamous wine bar that is also located in De Pjip. 


CULTURE: The local museums hold very impressive collections, like RIJKSMUSEUM where there are works by Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh and Anton Mauve.

I really wanted to visit VAN GOGH MUSEUM as well, but instead I just had to go to MOCO to see Banksy's "Laugh Now" exhibition which will run until the end of August. I highly recommend that one if you are into the scene.


SKINS COSMETICS: I did not do a lot of shopping, but thankfully I discovered this beauty store which stocks brands like RMS BEAUTY, BYREDO, RAHUA, AESOP, and VERSO just to name of a few.

Oh, and RIKA by Ulrika Lundgren is an interesting brand and concept. Would not mind staying at their Maison as soon as possible.